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Dr. Kevin Vandeyck T.C.M.D., Ph.d.


 Contact Information   

Telephone: 416-846-9858
Email Kevin_Vandeyck@lsstg.com

Kevin Vandeyck T.C.M.D., Ph.D. has over 15 years in the private security sector working as a security guard, supervisor and trainer for several private security companies in the Greater Toronto Area.  Kevin has taught Law Enforcement and Use of Force since 1994 in the Toronto Area.  Dr. Vandeyck also provides therapy in a private clinic 3 days a week.  He completed his Doctorate of Chinese Medicine in 1996 and Doctorate of Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2002.

Dr. Vandeyck currently is on the Faculty of the The Institute of Yoga Therapy and Yoga Teacher Training.  He provides sessions on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and Women's Self Defense.

Kevinís certification credentials in the Law Enforcement field are extensive, allowing him to teach a large number of basic, intermediate and advanced programs.  He has received instructor certifications from PPCT Management Systems, Inc., an internationally recognized authority on research-based use-of-force and tactical team training for criminal justice agencies.  PPCT specializes in training instructors for police, corrections, security and military agencies world-wide.  Kevinís PPCT Instructor certifications include:  Defensive Tactics, S.H.A.R.P. (Sexual Harassment, Assault and Rape Prevention), Spontaneous Knife Defence, Dynamic Simulations, Side Handle Baton, Collapsible Baton, and Sharpening the Warriors Edge.   Kevin is also a certified Instructor Trainer with Monadnock International, in Defensive Tactics and Side Handle Baton Training.   Kevin also holds Instructor Trainer Certifications from various organizations in Tactical Communications, Defensive Tactics, Ontario Use of Force Instruction, Basic Self Defence and Handcuffing, Side Handle and Expandable Batons, Edged Weapon Defence, and Tactical Ground Defence, Access Control, Professionalism, Note Taking and Report Writing, Fire Safety, Patrol Procedures, First Aid & CPR, Loss Prevention, Crime Scene Preservation, and Court Room Presentation.

Kevinís advanced training courses for students include: Asset Protection, Close Protection and Secure Transports of V.I.P. Clients, Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance Tactics, Private Investigations, Detecting Deception, and many other specialty skills. 

Want to become a security guard looking for the training?

The Training Academy of Ontario is providing it!  And Kevin is their Instructor.  Click here to go to the website


Kevin has studied various martial arts for the past thirty years.  He holds Black Belt rankings in several martial arts, including Shin-Tengu Hikakure-jutsu (9th Dan), Iaijutsu (7th Dan), Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do and Jiu Jitsu (6th Dan),  Kobudo (4th Dan), and Jodo (4th  Dan), and is a certified instructor trainer in Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.  He was awarded the title of Hanshi (Master) in 1993 before leaving Japan, for his contributions and accomplishments in the martial arts by the Nihon Joudai Budo-Kai, in Tokyo, Japan.  He has taught martial arts classes to adults and private students in various clubs around the City of Toronto for 11 years.  He has competed and judged in numerous tournaments worldwide, most notably winning the Japan Open, Full Contact Challenge in Kashiwa, Japan in 1993. Kevin has participated in over one hundred-fifty seminars featuring top-ranking instructors from Japan, Israel, China, USSR, the Caribbean, the United States, and Canada. He has also performed in demonstrations at the American Embassy in Japan, for various Law Enforcement Agencies, at street festivals, movie premieres, and concert festivals across Canada and the United States

Want to train in Martial Arts with Kevin?  Here is your chance.

Now open to new students KAGE DOJO Webpage


Kevin is an internationally recognized Master-Trainer of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, providing private trainings to Medical Professionals on Brief Therapy Models and Unconscious Behaviour models.  He is a highly sought after speaker on the use of Hypnotherapy in pain control and unconscious behaviour modification.

As an entertainer Kevin also performs Stand-up Comedy and Hypnotic Stage Shows for corporate events and parties.  He has created a unique act that is as incredible as it is hilarious for both the participants and the audience.

Kevin is currently Life Safety Specialists Training Group's only Master Trainer

Click here to see some of his certificates

Kevin has trained with experts in many fields, below is a short list

Law Enforcement

bulletDoug Ashton - Former Peel Regional Police Officer (Instructor at Ontario Police College, PPCT Instructor Trainer)
bulletJay Quinlan - Former Peel Regional Police Officer (Instructor at Ontario Police College, PPCT Instructor Trainer)
bulletKevin Smith - York Regional Police Officer (York Regional Police Training Sergeant, PPCT Instructor Trainer)
bulletTerry Smith - Monadnock Lifetime Products
bulletLarry Smith - Monadnock Lifetime Products
bulletLon Anderson - Monadnock Lifetime Products
bulletGary Foo - Police Charter

Hypnosis and NLP

bulletMike Mandel - Master Hypnotist
bulletTad James - NLP and Hypnosis Master Trainer
bulletRichard Bandler - Co-founder NLP
bulletJohn Grinder - Co-founder NLP

Martial Arts

bulletStephen K. Hayes - Bujinkan Dojo Budo Taijutsu
bulletMasaaki Hatsumi - Grandmaster Bujinkan Dojo
bulletBud Malmstorm - Shihan Bujinkan Dojo, Close Protection Expert
bulletJack Hoban - Shihan Bujinkan Dojo,
bulletCourt Elliot - Shihan Bujinkan Dojo
bulletGreg Tremblay - Shidoshi Bujinkan Dojo - www.kageyamadojo.com
bulletFrank Hatashita - Judo Shihan
bulletPan Jiawen - Shaolin Kung-fu - Si-Gung
bulletDan Inosanto - Kali, Escrima, Jeet Kune Do
bulletGeorge Dilman - Kyoshu-jitsu
bulletRon Yamanaka - Karate


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